Boat lovers Malcolm and Sebra Perry were so impressed with Plymouth after visiting the port on sailing trips that they decided to relocate to berth at The Marina at Sutton Harbour – despite living more than four hours away in Surrey.

The couple had previously berthed their small yacht in Chichester Harbour for 14 years but after numerous trips to Plymouth, they decided to move to Sutton Harbour – and feel the journey to the marina is more than worthwhile.

Malcolm said: “Our sailing trips usually included an annual visit to the Westcountry for at least a month. While we visited a variety of ports, Plymouth provides an ideal base location – and this significantly influenced us berthing in The Marina at Sutton Harbour.

“The marina facilities and staff are, without exception, totally top class, and Plymouth truly is the ‘Ocean City’ with such a lot to offer. There are so many interesting locations relatively close by which are easy to visit by boat or by road.”

Malcolm and Sebra use their 19 foot Newbridge Navigator as a holiday home, and enjoy the calm waters surrounding Plymouth. 

Sebra added: “We use the boat as a base, allowing us to do many activities around Devon and Cornwall as we really enjoy camping, walking and sight-seeing. We also have recently signed up as members of the National Marine Aquarium, which is a great attraction in the harbour.

“After a day on the water, nothing beats some scrumptious local fish and chips to take back and eat on the boat - a perfect day.”
— Malcolm and Sebra Perry

Having berthed at Sutton Harbour for five years, Mark and Jane Chapman regularly make the trip to Plymouth from the South East for extended stays on the boat.

The couple has only ever berthed their yacht at Sutton Harbour, and says they wouldn’t want to go anywhere else, as they love visiting Britain’s Ocean City.

Mark explained: “The marina is very secure, particularly when there are bad sea conditions, and the lock gate is so good that you never experience bad weather which is a large part of the appeal for us. As we keep the boat in the water all year round, we feel reassured that our boat is safe, even in the winter months.

“The facilities at The Marina at Sutton Harbour are second to none too and the staff are so friendly which makes staying on our boat such an enjoyable time.”

The couple treats their boat as second home, and visit regularly throughout the year.

“Sutton Harbour is in a great location and a great position to explore from,” Jane added. 

“There is plenty to do on and off the boat which is why we love being there. The National Marine Aquarium is a great day out in particular for families.”
— Mark and Jane Chapman

The Marina at Sutton Harbour was the “perfect choice” for Pat and Michael Walker when they were deciding where to berth their boat.

The Padstow couple bought their motor cruiser in December 2013, and having researched South West marinas first, they were sure that Sutton Harbour was the right location for them.

Pat Walker said: “Plymouth is such a great location to have a boat as there is plenty to do all around and it’s very easy to leave the harbour and return. There is also such a lot of entertainment a stone’s throw away in the harbour, such as shops and restaurants. There is always something to do as there are so many facilities, and we love eating at Rockfish and The Dolphin House and enjoying the views from Vauxhall Quay.”

Pat and Michael describe their boat as a “second home” and regularly spend up to a week living on board during the summer, as well as using the cruiser throughout the winter months.

The high security at The Marina at Sutton Harbour was another plus point when the couple chose it as the ideal place to berth.

“We feel totally secure at Sutton Harbour,” Pat added. 

“The staff are so friendly and helpful, they’re like an extended family. Everything at the marina is very clean and the facilities for berth holders are excellent, very relaxed and highly accommodating. Another big plus point is how secure the onsite parking is.”
— Pat and Michael Walker