The Sutton Harbour Berth Holder’s Association was formed in Spring 2015 as a channel of communication between berth holders and the marina management team.

The objective of the group is to work with berth holders to recognise areas for development and improvement and to foster the efficiency of the marina team. It also aims to open channels of communication between management and berth holders to more easily disseminate information regarding improvements, events and general marina news.

So what does the Sutton Harbour Berth Holders’ Association do?


Acts as a link between berth holders and Sutton Harbour Holdings PLC

Meeting on a regular basis to discuss berth holders’ concerns, suggestions and any other issues raised by members

Organise events and activities for berth holders

Suggestions are always welcome for social and educational activities

Promotes safety and security within Sutton Harbour

Improving awareness of safety and security issues, good practice and the benefits of keeping an eye out for neighbouring berth holders

Assistance with general boating issues

Providing help to other berth holders where possible, generally helping out newcomers, etc.

Use the collective power of the Association for the benefit of members

Negotiating preferential terms for members on products and services associated with boating


Who can join?

As the name suggests, Sutton Harbour Berth Holders’ Association is open to all boat owners whose boat is kept within the boundaries of Sutton Harbour.


How much does it cost?

Membership is £10 per year for the whole family and boat.  Activities which are not free or sponsored are charged at cost.


How do I join?

Complete the application form and send it to: The Secretary, Sutton Harbour Berth Holders’ Association, Sutton Harbour Marina, The Jetty, Plymouth PL4 0DW

Alternatively printed copies of the application form are available from marina reception

Who is on the Committee?

David Evans               Chair                           Sutton Quay B12 - Langkawi

Keith Simmons           Vice Chair                   Sutton Quay D11  – Speedwell

Julie Simmons           Secretary                     Sutton Quay D11  – Speedwell

Liz Dunster                Treasurer                     Sutton Quay E29 Innishleigh

Mike Thornton                                                Sutton Quay C30 - Temper Temper

Richard Williams                                              West Pier 23 - Eleanor

Vicky Gill                                                          Sutton Quay B41 - Zanzara

Tom Edmunds                                                 Sutton Quay C45 - Kotuku


When does the Committee meet?

The Committee will meet on a regular basis throughout the year and the minutes of the meetings shared here and through the berth holder newsletter.

Any day-to-day issues should still be directed, as normal, to the marina office where they will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.